How Hot Naila Nayem become popular

Hot Naila Nayem

Naila Nayem is very hot person in Bangladesh, in Bangladeshi media and social media. Naila Nayem is super hot persons and top google search celebrity in Bangladesh. She is the first sexy showing figure in Bangladesh media and famous social media person.

This is the top question that how Hot Naila Nayem become popular in our media. Every young people asked this question. This is real time view that how she become hot? The name Naila Nayem was come first hot with a contest. In her regular life she is not a media person. She is a dentist and she is updated to his chamber with the patients. She is very regular in there.

But many of persons were not known her by this profession. Naila Nayem born 14th Dec in 1995 and she finished her secondary school certificate in from Barishal. She finished her Graduation from Dhaka city dental college and she become a dentist in there. After that she is regular in her Dental chamber.

She is the first person that introducing half-naked picture with lots of social media. She become hot and with her fashionable look and appearance she become hot popular person as hot people in the social media. she kept a lots of photo shoot with half-naked picture.

Besides her carrier she entry her name after the looking “Grooming Photo” as in a magazine. She listed her name there for the competition. She gave there some photo in there. Initially she become name with first 300 persons in there. And after next stage she become on the Ramp Model and Ramp Walking. she become with the 50 persons list in that competition. that was end for that stage for her.

After that she talked her friends and she goes to Rafique named photographer. Rafik took her best sexy and stylist photos. And after that she become famous in the Bangladesh media.

In 2014 she  was the most popular celebrity in the Bangladesh media. like top 5 searchable persons in from Bangladesh. Presently she working with short ads and film industry.