My Crayons

I have a new obsession: Pinterest!!!!

Some of you might say “Good Morning!” to me but somehow I just got a hold of the craze! I can spend hours hanging out in pinterest!

Being a bachelor of fine arts, I love drawing with crayons. The texture, the smell,the names, the colors everything… While hanging out in Pinterest I saw these DIY crayons and just had to try them.  The ones I made are not in specific color codes but I think they still look pretty! In the website the maker is preparing them for Valentine’s Day which is a cute idea but I am not very big on those kind of dates.

They are super easy to make,

I got the the crayons from a stationary and the heart shaped silicone baking molds from Tantitoni.

Wax crayons melt very easily in the oven so any silicone mold shape would work for this.

PS: Next week I will be in Singapore – Bali so I won’t be able to post anything, however, the week after I will be writing about my very exciting trip. So stay tuned foxies.

I’ll be back!

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